The penny auctions – Its original history and its fraudulent nature in today’s times

While the “penny auctions” go back decades, and was probably started with all the best intentions when it comes to saving the farmers from the Great Depression of 1933, all the hoopla surrounding online penny auctions nowadays are nothing more than some bunch of people trying to rob you of your money by drawing up some highly confusing and complicated terms and conditions behind the registration processes leading up to such auctions. Hence, before you participate in any such auctions going on in some fraudulent website, make it a point to find out about the History of Penny auctions and their perils. Read more on penny auctions at

Farmers getting a second chance through penny auctions

According to the history, the penny auctions date back to some seventy seven years back when banks were rapidly foreclosing on several farms belonging to poor farmers who were unable to pay their mortgages on time. Such was the case of one of the farmers by the name of Wallace Kramp living in the Wood County who was drowning in debt of over $800 and the due date for paying back his dues had long passed. When the bank finally zeroed in on a date to auction off every asset that he owned including his farm, which was the sole means of his income, some of the local farmers took it upon themselves to help him out by tricking the bank.

On the day of the auction, they all gathered people who supported their cause and turned up in huge numbers to participate in the auction. For every item that was put up by the bank for auction, they started to bid too but no more than just a few pennies, which did not even come close to what each asset actually was worth. As for the ones who turned up to really bid, they refrained from doing so after eyeing the glaring local crowd that had turned up. Needless to say, the bank could not collect more than just a few dollars, and finally had to accept defeat. As for Kramp, he was allowed to buy it all back from them for just a penny, hence giving him a second shot at a future.

Modern day penny auctions

There is nothing but uncertainties involved in the so-called penny auctions held on the internet nowadays when one only gets cheated and robbed of their money when they try to participate in what they think to be authentic auctions by which they might able to get expensive items for a mere penny. People should know better than to believe such auctions, for almost all of them are conducted by anonymous frauds.

Simple ways for a freelancer music producer to stay fit

Are you a freelancer music producer? Are you concerned that you are becoming obese? When you try to reach out to people with your music, you become a public figure. People will appreciate and criticize not only your work or music but they will appreciate and criticize your appearance as well. So, it is of utmost importance to maintain your appearance along with the quality of music you produce. You might not understand the importance of staying fit and healthy while you are at your studio composing music but you will understand that staying fit and healthy is important when you give public performances.


Do not let obesity hinder your career in music

Being a freelancer musician, you are at your independence to create tunes without the pressure of any time-bound target. But this can be disadvantageous for your health as well as you might neglect your diet and end up in gorging fast foods to get more time for devoting in music. A tune may suddenly come to your mind at the time of taking your meal and without wasting time, you may compose a song from that tune. If you do not maintain your diet on time, you will end up in gorging readily available fast foods and become obese. Obesity can hinder your creative endeavors as you will feel more fatigued and lazy. So, in order to be fit and healthy, you can resort to dieting methods, regular exercise regimens and dietary supplements.

Listen to your favorite tracks during workout sessions

If you are obese you will feel lethargic to workout but you can make your music the inspiration for workout. You can listen to the music you have created in your iPod while working out. Choosing a soft tune for free-hand exercises will make you feel good while choosing hard rock or metal for hardcore exercises will make you feel more energetic. You can also switch to the tunes of your idol to get inspiration for creating music. You might not get enough time to listen to the music of your idols but you can utilize the time for workout as the time to listen to your favorite tracks.May we also recommend some fantastic weight loss products such as Lipo 13 Avis to help you lose weight faster.

Take dietary supplements while composing music

You can also take dietary supplements which can burn the fat in your body and also boost up your metabolism. You should go for the dietary supplements which are rich in vitamins and other supplements. If you are obese, you will tend to be more lethargic and dietary supplements can boost up your metabolism. Being a freelancer music producer, you will have to sit at one place and compose music which may enhance your body’s tendency to retain fat. But if you take dietary supplements, you will be able to burn fat while you sit and compose music. You may not be able to stick to a dieting method and so taking dietary supplements will help you to burn fat.

To conclude

Whether you opt to workout with the tune of your music or you decide to take dietary supplements, you should maintain a balanced diet. You will be able to create quality music only when you are fit and healthy.

Motivational Tracks By Independent Musicians That Make For A Great Workout

Music is a powerful motivator for powerful exercise. If you are a gym instructor you can play these motivational songs in your gym to give inspiration to the trainees. They will definitely perform better; as it is proved that athletics can perform better while listening to music rather than performing in a silence atmosphere. Whether you are doing exercise in the constricted place of gym or in the open air of park, road you can store these songs in your device, and these will double up your will power. You can cycle, dance, run; each and every exercise requires lots of patience and handwork to achieve success or to gain proficiency. Workout is also essential for sports man; it is an essential part of their daily routine. Besides keeping them fit and fine it also builds their muscle strong. Even you can play these songs while your children do exercise. If you husband is gaining lots of fat inspire him in doing exercise and play these tracks to boost his energy level. Here are few songs that will pump up your spirit and help you to throw away fatigue. Our Gruener Kaffee supplier von Germany – now provides workout tracks for free.


List of motivational songs which are great help while doing exercise

• Let’s Go by Calvin Harris
• the world by Beyonce
• I’m bulletproof by Titanium
• Independent women and survivor by Destiny’s child
• All I do by D J Khaled
• One day by Asaf Avidan
• Smells like teen by Nirvana
• Womeanizer by Britney Spears
• I don’t care by Fall out boy
• My apocalypse by Metallica
• Disturbia by Rihanna
• The shock of the lightning by Oasis
• The right life by Seal
• Getting Up by Tip
• Born too late by Dent May
• Applause by Lady Gaga
• How I feel by Franz Ferdinand
• R u mine by Arctic Monkey
• Girls on fire by Alicia keys
Besides these there are thousands of motivational songs which are being admired by the world.

What should be the qualities of motivational songs which you will play while doing work out

 It is required to be in fast pace.
 It must not contain depressing lyrics; it must have such lyrics which will lift up your spirit.
 Patriotic songs are motivational and it jolts the adrenalin flow in your body. That’s why these songs are good choice to keep in your playlist.
 Songs and tunes which are used in March fast and parades are effectual in elevate our will power. Hence those tunes can be played in the gym or in any exercise ground.
 Snake-flute and back pipers produce depressing tunes. These kinds of tunes cannot lift up the sprit; hence these kinds of depressing tunes should be avoided.
 Songs which have positive lyrics about life inspire you do something and inspires you to work harder. That’s why those songs which deliver positive messages should be used while doing exercise.
Put up your track suits and get ready for powerful workout session to stay fit and healthy always.

Inspirational Tracks That Help You Workout

Music has a great impact upon human’s mind. Music is not just for entertainment it can motivate us as well. Many inspirational songs were made around the world to motivate human being. It is scientifically proved that felt emotions and perceived emotions these are the 2 kinds of emotions which are generated while listening music. Sometimes we just understand the emotions of certain music without feeling that. That’s why some people like to listen to sad music as they do not feel it; they just enjoy that emotion which is demonstrated in it.


Scientific research agrees that music has impact upon human’s mind

When we listen to our national song we gain enthusiasm, in many freedom movements which had happened around the world we found that singers had composed music to influence the generation. And in fact it is seen that these songs were really effective in lifting up the spirit of the fighters or soldiers. Music is enough powerful to make an atmosphere gloomy. When we exercise we need a push and at that time what can be a better option than a motivational and inspirational songs. Songs encourage us to enhance our will power to work out more effectively. Doing exercise is not fun at all; it is exhausting and sometimes painful. In the year 1911, Leonard Ayres an American Researcher found that while cycling if a cyclist listen to music he can paddle faster than if he paddle in silence. Brain throws out the signals and thought of fatigue while listening to music. It can distract our mind from pain and fatigue. That’s why it can pump up our enthusiasm. Actually music has enormous power to distract our mind.

Store songs which enlighten your mind

Nothing compared to music is more inspirational and motivational while doing exercise. It enables us to work out for longer time and increases our energy level. Whether you are doing aerobics or yoga, powerful exercise with gym equipments and powerful supplements such as Nitro X Pro supplement, music can enforce you to make give effort. Different genre of music has number of motivational track in their bucket. Depending upon your taste choose tracks and compose your exercising tracks. You may choose from Hollywood movie songs, or from the song lists of independent band or singers. Here I’m enlisting few names which you may keep in I-pod. Everyone nourish different taste buds when it comes to music. Some live soft music and some is devotee of rock music. If pop music makes you more enthusiastic then listen to pop while working out. Fast song may pump you up, but there are few fast songs which contain depressing lyrics, try to avoid them. Rather try those songs which enlighten your mind and keep up your spirit, that provide a positive message. Otherwise you may just listen to tunes that lift up spirit like:
• Respect by Aretha Franklin,
• I gotta feeling by Black Eyed Peas
• It’s my life by Bon Jovi
• Stronger by Britney Spears
• Never gonna come by BT.
• Living on by Bon Jovi
These have always been the chartbusters.

Health Insurance Plans For Independent Music Producers

Music is the food of love in the verdict of Shakespeare. A lot takes to create music and the real person behind creating beautiful heart touching music is the music composer. The life of music composer is not easy and often the music composer faces a lot of hardships. The music that reaches the audience is the result of month’s devotion. Only good music has the power to heal hearts and enlighten generations with the melody.

The life of a musician is thus different from a common man. The common man won’t be able to understand how tiring a song can be. A musician does not have count of day and night. The musician goes with the flow of mind. The mood to create music is not the same always. Thus once the musician gets the right chord it becomes difficult for him to shift the concentration on anything else. Many independent music composers struggle day and night to create good music forgetting day and night. The aim is just to create music to reach a large number of audiences to get the hard work acknowledged.


The health of musicians

Due to this most of the time music producers do not take proper care of health. Their reckless lifestyle has no fixed schedule of sleep and food that makes them face many more difficulties. The stress of creating music leads to several health hazards. Most music producers get addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol in the jest of creating music. In the dedication to create music they often bring risk to their lives. Thus their lives become vulnerable to any types of health hazards.

Health Insurance for the musicians

For such purposes there is a need of health insurance. The insurance will secure their health. If there is a need of treatment they will get the proper treatment. It might happen that the musician does not have enough revenue for treatments when he goes ill. The health insurance if made before will be helpful as they do not have to think about the money and the money will be paid by the insurance. Some insurance agencies as mentioned at also help you buy medical equipments without any additional charge.

Problem faced by musicians

The most common problems that music producers face are the problems of ear and throat. They are often prone to different forms of skin diseases. This is due to the fact that they are in close contact to different electromagnetic radiation. They work in environments where there re a lot of instruments and machines. Hours in studios year after year causes them to have problems of hearing.
All the problems of the music producer are to be treated effectively if the world is to get more good music. The work of the music producer is very important for the whole world who gets enlightened by the music created by the music producer. The health insurance facility is definitely the need of the music producer. More than any common man the need of the health insurance is thus more for the music producer. Musicians are having a great responsibility towards the society. They are creating music which has the power to break the barriers of language and reach a global audience.

Stretchtheskies- A Platform for Every Aspiring Musician

Music is the greatest form of art but most of the muscians in this century fail to make a mark in the competitive market and gets lost in oblivion. Their inborn or acquired talents get wasted with the lack of exposure and their talents accompany them to their graves without getting a chance of exposing their talents. It is very difficult for the struggling and aspiring musicians to establish themselves as no one seems to give them a chance to showcase their talent. Some of the talented musicians even spend their entire life by doing ordinary gigs in different festivals. Their sense of music may enthrall others at a place but it seldom becomes successful to grab the attention of the influential people of the music industry. brings a platform for those aspiring musicians who want to make a mark in the history of music.

We recognize the pain of the musicians in their endeavor to establish themselves

We understand the pain of the aspiring musicians as they endeavor to get their first break in a musical album or concert. The condition of the individual musicians is worst as they have to struggle through the journey of establishing themselves all alone. This platform recognizes the pain taken by the aspiring musicians to establish them and make a mark with their music in the hearts of the people. The main focus of a musician is not the highest awards and accolades rather their focus is to make a place in the hearts of their audience but most of the talented musicians fail to achieve this only because of the lack of opportunity.

We bring a platform to showcase the talents of aspiring musicians

Every aspiring musician needs a platform where they can showcase their talents and make a place in the hearts of the people. The talents of the aspiring musicians often get lost in oblivion as they lack a platform from where they can begin their musical journey. In this world where only the fittest can survive, it becomes more difficult for the aspiring musicians to gain recognition. Even the most successful and famous musician has to strive hard to maintain popularity in the music industry and so the competition becomes even more difficult for the aspiring musicians. offers such a platform to the struggling musicians from where they may get recognition.

We bring a platform where music from the world merges

This platform for the aspiring independent musicians brings talents from many parts of the world making the website a perfect blend of world must where different ideas and concepts merge in a harmony. helps the aspiring musicians to stretch the boundary of their talent and connect with other musicians to share the ideas. Music is said to have no language of its own ad when it is shared in one platform, it enriches the whole art of music. In this platform ideas and concepts of different musicians merges with tune and rhythm. Musicians from all over the world can join this platform to reach the music lovers.

We provide a platform where aspiring musicians can get response from the music lovers

Many a times the talents get lost only because it does not get the right place where it can bloom to maturity. A musician will never be able to understand and rate his talents until and unless his or her talents are appreciated or criticized. Appreciation can inspire them to create more soulful music while criticism can help them to create more original and appealing music. A musician can get appreciation or criticism only when he or she gets a proper platform where they can feature their talents. Music lovers often tend to search for these platforms to hear fresh music and fresh talents. Some famous music directors too look for new musicians in platforms like this to introduce new voices to the music-lovers of the world.

We reach the tech-savvy music lovers through this platform

With the proliferation of internet throughout the world, the scope for a platform like this has increased. Today’s generation spend most of their time in the internet. So, the best way to reach the tech-savvy music lovers is through a platform like this which is helping the fresh talents in the world of music to gain recognition and popularity. So, if any musician lists his or her music in this website, they have high probability of getting popularity. Listing music on this website can open vistas for the aspiring musicians to reach the music lovers throughout the world.

Our main focus

We focus on giving a platform to the new and fresh talents so that their talents do not get lost before getting a proper recognition. We respect the talents of the musicians and endeavor to provide a platform which can identify and acknowledge their talents.