Stretchtheskies- A Platform for Every Aspiring Musician

Music is the greatest form of art but most of the muscians in this century fail to make a mark in the competitive market and gets lost in oblivion. Their inborn or acquired talents get wasted with the lack of exposure and their talents accompany them to their graves without getting a chance of exposing their talents. It is very difficult for the struggling and aspiring musicians to establish themselves as no one seems to give them a chance to showcase their talent. Some of the talented musicians even spend their entire life by doing ordinary gigs in different festivals. Their sense of music may enthrall others at a place but it seldom becomes successful to grab the attention of the influential people of the music industry. brings a platform for those aspiring musicians who want to make a mark in the history of music.

We recognize the pain of the musicians in their endeavor to establish themselves

We understand the pain of the aspiring musicians as they endeavor to get their first break in a musical album or concert. The condition of the individual musicians is worst as they have to struggle through the journey of establishing themselves all alone. This platform recognizes the pain taken by the aspiring musicians to establish them and make a mark with their music in the hearts of the people. The main focus of a musician is not the highest awards and accolades rather their focus is to make a place in the hearts of their audience but most of the talented musicians fail to achieve this only because of the lack of opportunity.

We bring a platform to showcase the talents of aspiring musicians

Every aspiring musician needs a platform where they can showcase their talents and make a place in the hearts of the people. The talents of the aspiring musicians often get lost in oblivion as they lack a platform from where they can begin their musical journey. In this world where only the fittest can survive, it becomes more difficult for the aspiring musicians to gain recognition. Even the most successful and famous musician has to strive hard to maintain popularity in the music industry and so the competition becomes even more difficult for the aspiring musicians. offers such a platform to the struggling musicians from where they may get recognition.

We bring a platform where music from the world merges

This platform for the aspiring independent musicians brings talents from many parts of the world making the website a perfect blend of world must where different ideas and concepts merge in a harmony. helps the aspiring musicians to stretch the boundary of their talent and connect with other musicians to share the ideas. Music is said to have no language of its own ad when it is shared in one platform, it enriches the whole art of music. In this platform ideas and concepts of different musicians merges with tune and rhythm. Musicians from all over the world can join this platform to reach the music lovers.

We provide a platform where aspiring musicians can get response from the music lovers

Many a times the talents get lost only because it does not get the right place where it can bloom to maturity. A musician will never be able to understand and rate his talents until and unless his or her talents are appreciated or criticized. Appreciation can inspire them to create more soulful music while criticism can help them to create more original and appealing music. A musician can get appreciation or criticism only when he or she gets a proper platform where they can feature their talents. Music lovers often tend to search for these platforms to hear fresh music and fresh talents. Some famous music directors too look for new musicians in platforms like this to introduce new voices to the music-lovers of the world.

We reach the tech-savvy music lovers through this platform

With the proliferation of internet throughout the world, the scope for a platform like this has increased. Today’s generation spend most of their time in the internet. So, the best way to reach the tech-savvy music lovers is through a platform like this which is helping the fresh talents in the world of music to gain recognition and popularity. So, if any musician lists his or her music in this website, they have high probability of getting popularity. Listing music on this website can open vistas for the aspiring musicians to reach the music lovers throughout the world.

Our main focus

We focus on giving a platform to the new and fresh talents so that their talents do not get lost before getting a proper recognition. We respect the talents of the musicians and endeavor to provide a platform which can identify and acknowledge their talents.