Sports Media Has Destroyed Your Perspective

TJ Oshie is now a “hero”.  Granted, scoring the winning goal against Russia in a shootout at the Winter Olympics is pretty impressive.  Heck, just being on Team USA is darn impressive by itself.  However, the hyperbole and terribly awkward loss of perspective attributable to sports fans and journalists alike jumped the shark off the reservation in a big hurry with his best bbcor bats 2018 to play MLB Baseball..

Within 30 minutes of the game ending, I saw a “TJ Oshie beats Russia” headline.  Right. Because Oshie played the entire regulation game to a standstill by himself.

This must be the same as The Miracle on Ice.  Right.  Because you are a moron, and you’re an expert just because you have “Miracle” on blu-ray. Lake Placid in 1980 was the temporary center of the Cold War.  The US team was comprised of amateur/college kids, and team Soviet Union was a professional powerhouse that had taken 6 of the previous 7 gold medals in hockey.  Sure, that’s much the same as all professionals playing against friends and teammates.

Don’t let the narrative fool you or cloud your thinking.  The Cold War is over, US faced “Russia”, and the degree of national pride at stake was barely enough to move the needle at this point.

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