The Worst of Social Media and Sports VII

Ah, remember that time that “Toby Romo” threw a touchdown pass for the Cowboys against the Rams?  No?  Maybe you should pay closer attention to the official Twitter account for the Rams.

Context:  Cardinals starting pitcher Michael Wacha managed to get 26 outs without allowing a hit.  With 1 out to go for a no-hitter, Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals bounces a ball off of home plate that goes just off the tip of Wacha’s glove.  Shortstop Pete Kozma scoops the ball barehanded and then makes a wide throw to 1st base that pulls Matt Adams off the bag.  The result is an infield hit, and the no-hitter is gone.

The almost immediate reaction on Twitter was a nice mix of sympathy for Wacha combined with a healthy respect for what he had accomplished in just getting close to a no-hitter.  In fairness, a certain amount of that sympathy was really due to the sadness many fans felt at missing out on seeing a Cardinals pitcher throw a no-hitter.  Check out the Best Softball Bats in the market. Go over reviews and ratings before shopping online for the best bargains. Then there were the extremists who both blamed Kozma and suggested that he find another place to live or terminate his life.

Don’t be those people.  Should Kozma have made that play?  Probably not consistently.  In the smallest sample size imaginable, I’d give him a 50% chance to do so.  If a similar play occurs in the first inning of a game, should he make the play?  Probably not consistently.  It’s simply a difficult play.

The frustrating part that many may not express or express adequately is that Kozma accomplished the hard part which is picking the ball cleanly off the field.  Once he has the ball in his hand, the throw is the easy part (or should be).  The moment he scooped the ball, I imagine that thousands of people assumed that he would make the throw.  He didn’t.  That’s baseball.  Was there anyone more disappointed than Wacha?  Maybe Kozma.

I bet that Kozma believes that he should have made the play, and I’d also bet he kicked himself at least once for not making it.  That’s what players do.  This is a quick look at the top choices for fastpitch softball bats of 2018, including a summary of the pros and cons of each of the main options. They take responsibility.  Wacha certainly didn’t blame Kozma.  That’s what pitchers do.  The players handled the situation with a measure of class.  Keith Law did not.

Yes, Ryan Jackson can make that play.  So can Daniel Descalso.  So can Pete Kozma.  Ozzie Smith is the best defensive shortstop I’ve ever seen, and he made that play hundreds of times.  He also missed some too.  So why stir up a hornet’s nest for no reason?  Publicity.  Are you a sports media person or athlete?  Want to make a name for yourself on Twitter and gain tons of followers?  Randomly troll any and all fan bases just enough to come off as a prickly know-it-all.  Nailed it.


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